Pen2Pad Ink has the privilege of working with some exceptional authors. Working with each of them to either write and/or publish their project has been an incredible experience. We wish you much success and look forward to watching each of you blossom on your literary journey. Be sure to check out their latest releases. 


Burying Tom

Your desires. Your dreams. Your aspirations. Yes, you have them, we all do. But how long before something becomes more important than all those things? Join Zenobia Harvey as she takes you on a journey through pain and deprivation thanks to unique but detrimental addictions. She hopes that you might be able to bury your “Tom” too, so that you can blossom into who you are truly called to be. 


A Time to Heal

Arlene Cameron never wanted kids, yet she gave birth to four. Who does that? The government handing out checks per child must have made those labor pains a little easier. She was a Christian woman who treated her children like the enemy. Could attempted murder, abuse, neglect, and mental illness all happen in one family? Why, yes . . . yes, it could. Because in Arlene’s family, that’s exactly what happened! However, when she found Jesus for real, she decided she needed to make things right with them.

But it was too late. They hated her! Well, not Jesus, just the kids. She wanted a family reunion with children who didn’t feel they had a family. She would have to create one in order to reunite it. Her youngest ran away at seventeen never to return. Her only son just wants to know who he is. Her oldest wants answers, and her prized child has a secret that everyone knows but her!

Pain caused by jealousy, deceit, and betrayal had torn them apart, and the one person who could bring them back together is missing. It is known that there is a time for everything. Arlene had already used up her time to tear down and to kill when she destroyed her family. Now, however delusional it might be, she’s hoping it will be a time to build up and “a time to heal.”

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For is an impactful page-turner from the memoirs of Adele Bijour as she depicts her battle with life and lupus while still trying to make sure her family stays intact. She takes you on an emotional journey, giving you a glimpse of her daily struggles physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally, and financially. Adele shares her life story with admirable strength and courage. She takes you through many of the most private moments of her life until the very end.

A Sinner's Circle

They told her that God was the one who had her mother. She understood that in order to see her again, she would have to make his acquaintance. So she went to the first place she expected he would bechurch. However, what she found there was anything but God. Lies poured out to her from the pulpit that sounded so much like scripture the preachers even fooled themselves. Souls were being ministered to by fueling their bloodstreams with the kind of faith that took them so high they needed detox to come down. The choir director and the musicians asked her to sing songs in A minor while their hands were around her throat, choking the notes from her. It was said that her body was a temple not to be defiled while they used it for their own personal trash receptacles. She was told she was loved as they watched tears fall from her eyes because of the pain they were inflicting. All the while, the pastor lay in wait, preying on whomever he chose to devour. No . . . church was not where Karen found God. Church was where she learned to sin professionally. Round and round, she went spiraling into darkness. The God represented in church could not be the one she was in search of. He had to be bigger and better than this.

Sojourn with Karen as she relives her story. But know Gods voice and his Word for yourself so that you are never found caught up in A Sinners Circle.


Ghetto Queen

Ra'Deja Shawntel Saxton leaves the close-minded town of Kentucky in hopes of creating a better life for herself as a transgender woman. She thought it would be easy, but when is life ever that way? Join Deja as she battles lies, experiences love and lust, and drama the only way she knows how: with her strength. It takes a lot to be a Ghetto Queen, and she is ready for whatever comes her way.

Sex Love Lies & Deceit

Some people say money is the root of all evil, but I think jealousy is. Jealousy can cause you to do and say things you might regret. It can hurt people you may truly love and break friendships and relationships that were built to weather a storm. Sex is enjoyable, but it can also be an addiction far worse than any drug. It can control you physically, mentally and emotionally. Sex, Love, Lies, and Deceit will take you on an adventure into the life of a young transsexual woman named Candy. Expect the unexpected as this novel is going to give an inside look at a lifestyle you probably know nothing about. Join us on this incredible ride where dreams become nightmares, friends become enemies, secrets become regrets, and fantasies become realities. This book is a ravishing page-turner filled with chilling tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat as it leaves you wanting more. 


Sex Love Lies & Revenge

It’s been a year since the horrific death of his fiancée. For the past year, Jamal Cane has battled depression and addiction in a desperate attempt to escape his past. Just as Cane begins to reclaim the pieces of his life; his world is brought to a screeching halt. Haunting memories and regret forces Cane to deal with issues of the past head on and he learns that REVENGE is a dish best served cold. Follow Cane on his volatile journey towards peace and redemption. Will he ever find it? Join us on this thrilling page turner that will leave you eager for more.

Gangsta By Circumstance

Shyla Brown is content living the life she has, as the wife of Goodsman’s most ruthless Drug Kingpin, Big D. She lives a lavish lifestyle. One that most in her hood envy, Being the wife of the HNIC. Shyla is respected in the community and she loves it. She feels on top of the world in her designer clothes, purses, and luxury cars. Life seems good until one day Big D doesn’t come home. This one event turns her life upside down. Shyla has a decision to make. Does she crumble under the pressure or Does she rise up and take over the reign of the family business and deliver retribution to those who dared to violate her husband’s name and reputation?


Shyla decides to find out what happened to the love of her life and make those responsible pay. In the mist of seeking revenge, Shyla finds that things may not be as they seem and sometimes your temporary circumstances can lead to a lifetime of changes.    


Three sisters with mommy issues and dreams of making their memories of the hood a thing of the past, are struggling hard to function. Murderville, the one man who can put an end to the struggle, is also the same man who is causing the chaos. He has hired one sister to defend him in court. And why wouldn’t she? After all, she is his childhood sweetheart and she’s still in love with him. He already has another sister working for him. She now makes her money dancing in Club Body. Apparently, being turned out by this man runs in the family.  However, the other sister is threatening to throw a wrench in the whole operation. As a law enforcement officer, she has gone undercover.  Her mission is to make sure that he pays for what he has done to their mother and the family. The only way for these women to survive is to ban together. But, can they put their differences aside long enough to put him away and save themselves? Or will the hold he has on them take them all to early graves? Only time will tell if it will be Murderville or one of these women. But, in the end someone will be Betrayed.

Betrayed II

Black finds herself again in the mist of family drama. While she sits at the bedside of one sister, who is in a coma fighting to survive, the other sister (CoCo) is off apparently living her best life. She wonders why she’s always the one that has to be strong and try putting the pieces of this dysfunctional family back together. Everyone else seems so unbothered and comfortable in the drama and chaos.

CoCo is on the run. She had left Millville so fast her dust barely had time to settle. She believes that she is running from Murderville, her past and the po-po. She hopes no one is on her trail or that anyone will find out her secret. Coco is the one that shot her bourgeois, disloyal sister Mikeela. The real deal is that she has no regrets about the decision to deliver her version of street justice to her own sister. In her mind betrayal is unforgivable, but what will everyone else think when and if they find out that she is the reason why her sister and nephew are fighting for their lives?

Murderville is free, again. He is torn with the idea of being a father.  Emotional ties are something that you can’t afford to have in the game.  However, a son means that his legacy will live on.  He vows to right the wrong with whoever dared to threaten the life of his seed. Retribution is the only way; his reputation will not allow for anything less.

When the dust finally does settle and the facade fades away to reveal the mountain of family secrets will the Rye family make amends and let bygones be bygones, or will they throw caution to the wind and disregard family loyalty yet again? Two wrongs don’t make a right but it sure can settle the soul and make it even.