Because I Believed

The words people speak to you when you are young often leave invisible imprints that stay with you a lifetime. For years I was called dumb, stupid, ignorant, and told that I was never going to amount to anything. “I’m only with you because you have potential”, he said. "You're too stupid to ever amount to anything worth while" she said. I can never forget the day I was told I was wasn't pretty enough to be a cheerleader and that I was too ugly for anyone to ever want to be committed to for the rest of their life. I can also recall when my "friend" told me my weight gain had become an embarrassment to her and she no longer wanted to be seen with me in public. How could I forget being told I was too fat to ride in her car. Now that I think about it, those words fell from each of their lips as if there had never been any love between us at all. My self-esteem took countless blows by the loved ones I was supposed to be the closest to. It hurt more than I ever realized anything could.

I grew into feelings of worthlessness and believing every negative word spoken to me. There was so much I wanted to do but I felt like I was too stupid to even attempt it. The healing process from all the negativity I digested over the years was by far one of the most difficult things I have gone through. However, it was necessary in order for me to properly function as an adult. Occasionally, those negative words would sneak up on me and try to convince me that truth was on their side. I created affirmations to look at as I began each day to remind me of who I am. I made a record of all my accomplishments to remind myself that despite all the hardships I faced, I have still achieved great things. Most importantly, I spoke to myself about just how smart and beautiful I was until I believed it to be true. Once I began believing positively about myself, the list of things I desired to achieve became limitless.

It was through healing and overcoming these negative imprints that the I AM Because I Believed brand was born. It is my way to continue to encourage and inspire others to dream big and work hard to achieve their dreams. The only way something is unattainable is if you never attempt to achieve it.

Earlier this year the I Am Because I Believed t-shirt line was launched in white, blue, and charcoal grey. The proceeds of all t-shirt sales go into our scholarship funds.

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