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Book Signing Event

Join the Noel's at their book signing authors Vandra Noel and Michael Noel on March 27th from 2-4 p.m. at their book signing for their latest release Holy Over Matrimony. This event will be held at 6300 Nell Street Forest Hill, TX 76119.

Mr. and Mrs. Noel are both natives of Fort Worth Texas. While working in her salon, Vandra was introduced to Michael through a family member. At the time Vandra was not looking for anyone but God had other plans. March 22, 2020 marked eight years of marriage! They have 3 children and one grandson. Together they are ministry workers at the Relevant Worship Center in Forest Hill Texas under the leadership of Dr. Regina Spellmon.

Having both been married prior to their union where they each made many mistakes, they decided to take the lessons they learned from it to build the solid foundation that resides at the base of their relationship. Their ups and down, disagreements, determination and dependence on God has literally made them both each other’s bar friend and lover. Although they don’t have all the answers in marriage what they have is experience which they now share with other couples to help them maintain a healthy relationship. They are firm believers that marriage is more meaningful when you have the Master in the mix. God makes the difference!

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