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Meet Author Anthony Tucker

Anthony Gerald Tucker, Sr. is a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He is also a pastor, entrepreneur, mentor/coach and an inspiration to many. In 2010, Anthony and his wife answered the call and pursued the vision God had predestined for their lives and planted The Inspired Church. He was appointed the pastor. Because of his profound love for people, he continues to serve people by mentoring the youth and developing various outreach programs. Those programs have benefited the homeless, children with parents that are incarcerated, and single mothers. Additionally, he and his wife facilitated marriage seminars and retreats. He also partners with missionaries in Port au Prince, Haiti to supply bibles, food, and clothes.

With Anthony’s special gift of “words”, he was fortunate enough to become a published author. His latest book, “Taking the Stairs to Success” impacted a multitude of lives and communities. Anthony is a motivational speaker that has spoken to various audiences.

In addition to his writing and speaking talents, Anthony is the owner of A.G.T Productions and led as business management and executive producer for several projects. Late 2020, Anthony will be the co-owner of Jae’s Happy Pastries - a pastry shop filled with love and passion.

Though God has blessed him with his career and ministerial accomplishments, Anthony is prepared for another quarter in this game called life. His plays are still being written through the vision of God, family, and success.

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