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Ahead of The Game

Writer's Program

Ahead of The Game Writer’s Program is Pen2Pad Ink's Youth Program that assist youth in learning how to transition their ideas from a thought and create a published book. 


  • This program is for high school students who have a desire to write

  • The programs aspiring authors will have the opportunity to be published during their senior year of high school. 

  • The youth who join this program are immediately paired with a writing mentor who will guide them step by step through the writing project.

  • The mentors will stay in constant communication with the mentee to aide them in transitioning their ideas from a thought to beautifully designed pages. 

  • Youth will be assisted with determining their publishing and marketing options.

  • All youth entered into this program will also be given an opportunity to apply for the              

      Creative Writing Scholarship being offered Pen2Pad Ink Publishing.


When entering into this program, we expect the students to be fully involved in the consultation process. We will discuss their goals and any problems encountered along the way. Any time prior to mid-semester of their junior year, changes can be made to the subject and content of the project. During the remainder of their junior year, the summer, and senior year the focus will solely be on printing and marketing of the book. We are here to help and want to be sure that the entire process is an enjoyable and relaxing experience because we believe learning happens best when everyone involved is comfortable and are engaged in the process.


Parents are more than welcome to join in the process however, while some content may be taken under advisement by the parent, the essence of the project will still remain with the youth. We want to make sure their voices are being heard, but we do understand they are still minors. To be apart of the program all parents and youth must adhere to the guidelines of this program. 

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