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Pen2Pad Ink has the privilege of working with some exceptional authors. Working with each of them to either write and/or publish their project has been an incredible experience. We wish you much success and look forward to watching each of you blossom on your literary journey. Be sure to check out their latest releases. 

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Killing Me Silently

Calia LaCaze is an old school music loving basketball statistician. Orcon Jessley is a candidate for mayor and new owner of a professional basketball team. They appear to be just worker and boss until someone ends up dead, and it is both of their fault. Worker and boss change to something that will cost each of them dearly if they do not learn how to deal with each of their worst enemies: themselves. What can silence, anger, ambition, and betrayal create? A lot of chaos waiting for someone to do the right thing before someone else ends up killed.

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