Pen2Pad Ink has the privilege of working with some exceptional authors. Working with each of them to either write and/or publish their project has been an incredible experience. We wish you much success and look forward to watching each of you blossom on your literary journey. Be sure to check out their latest releases. 


Loving The Me I See

Positive Affirmations are needed in today’s society especially since our children live in a social media world. Affirmations are very simple and short phrases that offer encouragement towards self and others.


Some children have gotten so used to the world telling them who they are not, but this book is to remind every child who they are. It’s an honor to Encourage, Empower and Educate them on who they are.


These affirmations will motivate children to believe what they’re saying and hearing about themselves as well as others! Now it’s time to go Conquer the world!

Mel Mel’s Story Rhymes

While Identifying Sight Words

Mel Mel’s Story Rhymes While Identifying Sight Words wants reading this story to be fun all while being excited to learn and recognize our sight words. I want to encourage children across the world to strive towards being their very best in school and with everything we do! Whether reading or riding a bike we have to pay attention. In order for us to learn, we must first listen! Enjoy learning sight words with me, my friends.

Pretty Brown Girl

In today’s day and age there have been so many labels placed on women of color. These labels have a tendency to bring down a person’s confidence in themselves. The age range of those affected is getting younger and younger every year.

Pretty Brown Girl is a book we all can relate to. It is designed to build up young girls’ self-esteem, strengthen their confidence in themselves and their identity. As well as teach them to be comfortable in the skin their in.

Black Boy Joy

In today’s day and age there have been so many labels placed on men of color. These labels have a tendency to bring down a ones confidence and force them to hide their authentic selves. The age range of those affected are getting younger and younger every year. Black Boy Joy is a book everyone can relate to. It is designed to build up young boys by encouraging, empowering, and strengthening their confidence in themselves. As well as teaching them to be comfortable in the skin their in.

Kaidyn's Enchanted

Animal Adventures

Kaidyn, Kailee, and Ace goes on an assortment of magical and educational animal adventures across Africa, Antarctica and many more amazing places. Join them on their journey as they combine fun facts and great expeditions to create an exploration you won’t forget.  


ABC Animals Make A Friend

ABC Animals Make A Friend takes children on a journey of establishing friendships while learning their ABC’s, letter recognition and ultimately how to read independently. If your little one loves animals and visiting family and friends, then join us on a fun filled adventure as these characters dine together, play together and enjoy each other’s company.

Maxine's Mission

To Fight Against Hunger

A life-changing experience at a gas station sends a beautiful little girl on a great adventure to help others. Join Maxine as she gets help from many places and people in order to complete her mission: to fight hunger and save lives. 

Coming Soon

ABC Animals Travel The World

ABC Animals Travel the World takes children on a journey traveling to different countries, cities, and continents while learning their ABC’s, letter recognition and ultimately how to read independently. If your little one loves animals and visiting family and friends then join us on an adventure through Atlantis, Dallas, Egypt and a host of other places on a fun filled adventure as your child journey to new places and meet new friends.

Makayla Meets Grace 

Meet Makayla. Her smile is big. Her heart is bigger. But she looks different. A disease causes her to not have hair. What can Makayla do? Read as she learns that being different is a set up to awesome experiences and meeting awesome people. 

Coming Soon

ABC Animals Food Adventures

ABC Animals Food Adventures takes children on a journey of food, family, and fellowship all while learning their ABC’s, letter recognition and ultimately how to read independently. If you have an inquisitive little one who loves trying new things join them on this amazing adventure discovering new places to try different foods.

Bully Who?

Lyric loves school, her hair, her mom, and her friends. What she does not like is people, like herself, being treated unfairly. So how will she deal with it? Venture into the pages as Lyric plan unfolds to help others know that teamwork makes the dream work to fight bullying!


Naomi's Glorious Garden

Little Naomi wants a "green thumb", and it is not from paint. She wants the chance to make soil, water, and sun into food! Will Naomi have the patience to create a beautiful garden? Read to experience Naomi's adventures and fun!

Coming Soon

Brown Girl Dream Big

Every day is a great day to accomplish whatever dream your heart desires. So...what is it? Use the beautiful activities within the pages of this piece of work to learn more about women of color who accomplished their dreams and left a legacy for YOU to use as inspiration for excellence.


Try, Try, and Try Again

When you fail that test...or can ride the bike. When everything you want seems to far out of sight. What do you do? Try again! Let the inspirational words of young author Lyric Simone remind you to never give up in order to succeed!

Coronavirus From A-Z:

How to understand vocabulary words

connected to the coronavirus 

You hear the word "coronavirus" a lot? But what does it mean? What should we know about it? How can you stay safe? Author Lyric Simone uses the alphabet to help you learn more about the Coronavirus in a creative and fun way.


Shaquille Meets Jacob

Meet Shaquille. His smile is big. His heart is bigger. But he looks different. A disease causes him to not have hair. What can Shaquille do? Read as he learns that being different is a set up to awesome experiences and meeting awesome people. 

Coming Soon

30 Days of Forgiveness

There were days I felt like I would die because I hurt so badly. All I really wanted was to be loved, but what I received was heartache. I did my best to treat other people how I wanted to be treated. What I got in return was rejection. Resentment and unforgiveness started to build a wall around my emotions until I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I blamed God for not avenging me and bringing down wrath on those who hurt me. What He told me was that in order to get them He would have to get me too! Instead, He told me to forgive them so that I would be forgiven. Forgiveness is the first step to your freedom. It’s not for the other person. It’s for you. When you’re ready to be free, walk through 30 Days of Forgiveness with me.

From Pieces to Peace (Updated Edition)


For many years Dr. Spellmon wore the crown of thorns after being raped three times by three different men she trusted. But now she no longer wears the crown of thorns, but the crown of a queen. After reading this book everyone should gain the strength to persevere no matter what is going on in their life.

Layers Unleashed

Layers Unleashed is a motivational guide compiled of real-life experiences paired with guided tools. These tools will help you deal with a number of issues while moving towards a life of fulfillment without holding on to bondage. There are exploratory questions that will help you dig deeper into various topics, such as childhood trauma and grief, health, family, marriage, finances, and friendships. This book can be modified for all ages and small groups.

Seasoned Salt 

~Heirloom Edition~

If you’re ready to live a life for Christ then this is the book for you! We have all been tempted at one point or another to do what makes us feel good. To do whatever we want regardless of the consequences. But, there will come a time when you want to know your purpose in this life and there is not one self-help book on Earth that will tell you that. The answer is already within you but only God can bring it out. Then, the work is up to you. This writer shows you how. Knowing your purpose and walking in it are two very different things. God will not force your hand. Free will gives you the right to make the decision. You can live a life for Christ or you can live it for yourself. You decide. After all…It’s Your Life!

Kingdom Madness

March Madness brings joy to thousands of basketball fans as teams face off for the ultimate glory of the NCAA championship. The same happens when attempting to live your best life with Christ. Join Anthony Tucker in his guide on how to handle the valleys and mountaintops of a life with Jesus Christ. Using basketball and biblical references, Tucker wants you to be prepared to be victorious in life like college teams are in the tournament.


Holy Over Matrimony


 Marriage is a real ministry. It is NOT for the faint of heart. It is NOT a one night stand. It is NOT...well...easy. However, when GOD is the magnet, glue, or common denominator, marriage is definitely possible. Vandra and Michael Noel offer real-life situations and solutions to different marital issues along with prayers to help you and your spouse overcome the challenges after you say I DO. When the trying and testing occurs, Holy Over Matrimony can guide you to victory.

Holy Over Matrimony


Matrimony is not just the dress, the tux, and the gifts. It takes work after the bouquet and garter toss.  Allow the questions and thoughts of Vandra & Michael Noel's book to assist with developing a greater relationship with God and your spouse.  

Journal Image.jpg

Woman On The Move: 

Your Guide to Navigating Through Life's Transitions

Let's be honest, moving with God can be scary. As women, it becomes even more challenging because of the many, many hats we wear. Even though it can be scary at first, when God is walking with us, it makes things easier. These hats that we wear and the transitions we go through can be difficult to navigate. We're mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, wives, working professionals, and so much more. "Woman on the Move" is meant to be a guide to help you on this journey. With personal stories, Biblical connections, and reflection questions, this book will encourage you to become all you are meant to be and more. Don't stay where you are. I'm challenging you to move. Move with purpose, move with authority, and move with God's guidance and love. Let's do this together, girl!



Momentum is an inspiring journey toward authenticity. This guide will drive you directly towards living your purpose. You are guided through this dynamic expedition by motivational icon, Odessa Jenkins. Jenkins is known to many as “the woman who can captivate any audience”. She walks readers through her process of how to overcome fear and teaches them how to lead with compassion. Jenkins believes that embracing fear can help you overcome all odds. This motivational voyage is guaranteed to change the way you see yourself and will give you the “momentum” to pursue your ultimate passion.

Red Flag!

There are people in this world who mean to do us harm. Some of them play on our emotions and some of them just flat out take what they want no matter how it makes us feel. Have you ever looked back on a situation and wondered how you missed the warning signs? You say to yourself “I got played!” Did you get played by a person or were you played by your own mind? How did that happen?  Hindsight is 20/20, but what if you could see it coming. What if you could keep a loved one from walking into a living nightmare? Would you do it?


This book helps you break down real-life examples of manipulation and abuse that people fall prey to. Then it goes even deeper into the triggers that can be experienced after the trauma has taken place. Most importantly, it gives you options of how to recognize, avoid and/or deal with the circumstances.

These Are Not The Same Tears

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” ~Psalm 30:5

            Complete transparency is what you’ll get from me in this book because it’s also what will be required of you. You can and will be healed but you must deal with the pain first. Night comes for most of us and it can bring depression, disappointments and dysfunction. Morning will only come if we work through the issues that brought the darkness. It will not be easy, but with God all things are possible. He will restore you from rejection, abuse, low self-esteem and shame, but you must do your part.


            Prayer, counseling and my support system were all a part of my process. Yours may not be the same as mine, but I pray you’ll do whatever it takes. There is life after brokenness. There were many days and nights that I cried through my pain and my process. But, now that I see my morning coming, the liquid praise that falls from my eyes represents joy! These are the not the same tears.

The McQueen Foundation

Beginner’s Guide

for Helping the Homeless

Have you ever looked at a homeless person and thought to yourself, “That could easily be me?” The reality is many of us are one paycheck away from being in that very position. For Dishambra McQueen, that was her story before rising above her circumstances and founding The McQueen Foundation. Now, she trains other individuals with the same dream and passion to make a difference in the lives of the homeless in their own communities. The McQueen Foundation’s Beginner’s Guide for Helping the Homeless has been created for those wanting to develop an organization geared towards helping the homeless, with the goal of assisting in making your vision of working with the homeless community a reality!


Within this guide, you’ll find valuable resources on how to develop and run your organization, strategies for assisting with the basic need of the homeless population such as food, water, and clothing, and a step-by-step outline on how to do it -  allowing you to develop a simple and easy system for your organization. Whether you’re feeding the homeless with family & friends or running an outreach for the homeless you’ll find this to be the “go-to” resource as you begin your journey of service to the homeless population in your community.

Unconditional Love:

Caring When No One Cares

As I battled with whether or not caregiving was a blessing or a curse, I realized it’s a gift! Not everyone has the grace to do it, but from the time I was a young girl I have been a caregiver. From my daddy to my children, on to my mama, my husband and my auntie…I have been there. Never wanting to let anyone down, I worked tirelessly. My faith has carried me, but my body and my mind have been screaming out for my attention. You see…in all the love I showered on others I forgot about me.


            As you walk with me through the ups, downs, ins, outs, joys and sorrows or caregiving, I want you to hear me well. You are to love others as you love yourself. Don’t leave you out! It’s not ok to give it all away to others and only love you when it’s convenient. If you love you first, you can love those assigned to you so much greater. You can love unconditionally. You can give them that Unconditional Love.

Working Through Mommy Issues

Loving Yourself Even Though

She Didn’t Like You

This book is designed to help you deal with a mother who makes it difficult for you to care for and/or care about her. If you have ever asked yourself "why does my mother treat me the way she does" this book is for you. If you have found yourself wanting to scream out "Help! My mom doesn't like me" this book is for you. If you spent the majority of your life trying to make your mother proud of you or just trying to survive being raised by her and you still have not succeeded, this book is for you. You will learn how to love yourself even though she didn't like you. You will learn to stop compromising your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health to get someone to love you who does not acknowledge your effort. Take your power out of her hands and live!

Compassionate Children

Cultivating True Forgiveness of a Flawed Parent

This book is designed to help you deal with a parent who makes it difficult for you to care for and/or care about them. If you have ever asked yourself “why does my mother treat me the way she does” this book is for you. If you have found yourself wanting to scream out “Help! My dad doesn’t like me” this book is for you. If you spent the majority of your life trying to make your parents proud of you or just trying to survive being raised by them and you still have not succeeded…this book is for you. You will learn how to love yourself even though they didn’t like you. You will learn to stop compromising your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health to get someone to love you who does not acknowledge your effort. Take your power out of their hands and live!


God's Unchanging Hands

Feel Alone? Unloved? Unheard?  Quell the voices with God’s soothing words of affirmation in love.  Unchanging Hands is a reminder through poetic thoughts and words of just how much HE truly sees you as a gift.  While everything and everyone might alter many facets of themselves, author Catalina Woodson wants to remind you that HIS adoration never changes or falters.

Coming Soon

A Hidden Heart

Have you ever been in a situation where expressing your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and desires put you in harm's way? Hopefully you haven't. But for the author, that was the case for much of her life. Imagine having to hide who you are in order to keep yourself safe. Not knowing who to talk to or trust, her journals became her confidants. God was the only other who knew the truth. Until now. Travel with her as she allows you into her internal race to freedom between mind and heart. Watch her battles unfold as she vacillates from poet to journalist. Listen as she dares to break her silence and encourages other young women to do the same. Cheer her on as she puts the pieces of her life back together. Keep her company as she gains the strength to begin 

The Slip Under My Church Dress

A little black girl has much to deal with growing up in a family dominated by religion and keeping up appearances in a small town.  J. W. Bella takes you through the ups and downs of those experiences through the eyes of a piece of clothing that is never seen: a dress slip.  From horrible mother moments to facing silence to recognizing her own strength, Bella reveals her loves, hates, and pain in words congregated into stanzas to reveal and expose her truth.

No More Midnight Tears

No More Midnight Tears is a book of poetry written by a young woman determined to make it through life. Pain and struggle are a normal part of the journey to adulthood, but for this young woman, the journey was tougher than most. Each poem will take you on its own leg of the trip. While there is no promise that each trip will be pleasant, there is a lesson in them all. You will have a front-row seat to the writer's innermost thoughts and feelings, as well as the outward workings of her community. When she could not speak, she wrote. She stopped crying and started writing. When she was finished, she had created something that she could share with the world. This book is now the prequel to her next project called A Hidden Heart. She had found her voice and vowed that she would have no more midnight tears.

Through The Eyes Of A Broken Soul

Through the eyes of a broken soul is a book of love, hurt, pain, and perseverance. It’s filled with fascinating poetic stories based on personal life experiences, allowing you to know the author on a deeper more intimate level. The words within these pages are perfectly crafted to act as a telescope giving you a glimpse into a life of heartache, pain, and triumphant after the tragedy. Walk with this author as she takes you through the pain and persevered to heal, grow, and find the sunshine after rain. Since she’s found her voice she now strives to bring that same joy, happiness, and inspiration to her readers. So, come take a look through the eyes of a broken soul. 

Fists of Rage

Coauthors Arketa Williams and Ti'Ara "Ti" Walpool want to shine a light on abuse that is often overlooked and very seldomly discussed. With this controversial project, they are breaking their own silences. Having fallen prey to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, these two young women are ready to stop just existing and start living. They no longer want to think of themselves as just another number. Rightfully considering themselves victors, they want to give their readers the strength, power, and knowledge to join them. Given the staggering statistics, if you are reading this publication, you have likely been a victim of abuse, or you know someone who has. Throughout this book, you may struggle, cry, laugh, fear, and be angry with them. Its purpose is to call attention to the fact that the pain is real, and it happens more than it is reported. But it's time out for "what goes on at home stays at home." By gaining the courage to speak out against violence of all kinds, Ms. Williams and Ms. Walpool are taking back the power over their lives. Now, using voices of truth, they are taking a stand against Fists of Rage..


Suppressed Sins of the Heart

Our hearts often feel what our mouths may never speak. In this poetic creation the author decides to no longer be silent. She stands firm in her truth by exposing her internal battle between faith and reality. The tug of war that occurs when you are attempting to move forward by faith while you're faced with the reality of your problems that are ever so present. All while showcasing the importance of weathering the storm and pressing your way through by any means necessary. 

Coming Soon

Reflections Of A Bruised Heart

This collection of poetry is inspired by various aspects of life. Using inspiration from family, friends and her own personal life in this beautifully crafted compilation author Whitney Hodge allows both her pain and love to leak onto the pages, as she reflects back on her journey of dealing with a bruised heart. A heart that has loved too much, but that has refused to give up on love. Whether you’ve ever experienced being hurt, lost, happy or sad you’ll be able to relate to the lyrics on these pages. Join Whitney on her journey as she heals and regains her freedom while helping others along the way.


The Things They Don't

Tell You About Publishing

Knowledge is not just is a lifesaver. The writing world can be a very challenging place, but knowledge can help save you from the monsters and leeches lurking within. Whether you are a new author or you are a veteran, author and publisher Arketa Williams provides tips, tools, and strategies to help you get the most out of what you write and what is out there. She offers questions to asks, examples of scams, and even wording you should look for on contracts and agreements. The road to having a great writing career is waiting for you. The knowledge from this powerful book can save you from a long and bumpy ride. 

Coming Soon

Let's Market

100+ Festivals to Market and

Promote Your Book

The words are written. The books are published. How in the world will people ever read them?! Author Arketa Williams compiles years of research and expertise into creating a helpful tool for authors to use in discovering additional places to market their books and related merchandise. Whether you are a novice to the publishing realm or you are the best selling author, the information within these pages will help you to boost your brand and network in the writing world.

Coming Soon

Writing Is Life

There’s nothing like having someone to talk to who will not judge or tell your secrets. Hopefully you have a friend who can be that for you. If not, there’s always therapy. But, there will be those times when you cannot reach either of them. When that happens you can reach for your journal! Writing out your thoughts and feelings can be a useful tool to ease symptoms of stress, tension, anxiety and depression. It can also aid in helping with effective communication with your therapist, friends and family. However, if you’re unsure of what to say or how to begin, journaling can be difficult. So, here’s your journal helpmate!

This book includes 200 prompts to choose from. Some days will be easier than others for you to get what’s in your head onto your paper. On those days, just jump right in and start writing. In those moments where you get stuck, just crack open your book and pick-a-prompt! This is in no way a replacement for talking things out, but it is an excellent positive coping mechanism to adopt. If reading is fundamental then Writing is Life!


The Awakening:

Entertaining Writing Exercises to

Revive Your Creativity

There’s nothing like a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing! Find your muse within the pages of this workbook. Write directly in the book or start your very own creative prompt journal! If you’re serious about writing then you should be putting something on paper every day. It doesn’t matter what you write about just as long as you’re writing. These prompts will be just what you need to get going!