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Pen2Pad Ink has the privilege of working with some exceptional authors. Working with each of them to either write and/or publish their project has been an incredible experience. We wish you much success and look forward to watching each of you blossom on your literary journey. Be sure to check out their latest releases. 


Excuse Your Excuses

When will today be THE day you decide to live? What will it take for you to be the person you want to be? Only you can answer that question. However, allow the wisdom and experience from author Lakhila Tellis, RN inspire you to make that day today. Excuse Your Excuses takes you on a journey full of loss and pain to inspiration that is uplifting and encouraging. It's time for you to live the life you know you deserve.


Burying Tom

Your desires. Your dreams. Your aspirations. Yes, you have them, we all do. But how long before something becomes more important than all those things? Join Zenobia Harvey as she takes you on a journey through pain and deprivation thanks to unique but detrimental addictions. She hopes that you might be able to bury your “Tom” too, so that you can blossom into who you are truly called to be. 

A Walk In My Shoes

Angel Carr’s bold and courageous viewpoint within the pages of this book will serve as a reality mirror for individuals who are willing and ready to challenge the way people have been taught in school, our homes and society in general for hundreds of years. Whether it is anger, revelation, disappointment, inspiration, action, or all of the above – get ready to take a journey. This blog-like expression of perspective contains the writer’s real-life experiences and painful stories as well as the stories shared by other individuals including the stories of our ancestors. As the writer puts it, the truth isn’t always pretty, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is the truth. Venture to the past and present as you take a walk in her shoes. The power of change lies in you, and the next generation is depending on it.


Birth Out of Darkenss

What if you were told all of your life "you gone have to develop a personality because you're the ugly duckling"? Sticks and stones have nothing on words spoken to a young girl who simply wanted to play and enjoy life. What happens when the ugly duckling grows up? A LOT. Author Bertrille Williams takes you on a deep and painful adventure of how she learned that what they say does not determine whom she will become. Out of the darkness,  light and opportunity will prevail. 


Take the blanket off. Take the clothes off. Take the bandages off. What is left? The truth. Venture into the pages of this book to see how one woman endures molestation, rape, addiction, shame, and other obstacles in order to live a life with no limits.  Listen to her spiritual advice and counseling that can assist with overcoming trials so you can live a life UNCOVERED and FREE. 

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