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Be Inspired! Be Encouraged! Be Motivated! These spiritual reads and workbooks will change your outlook on life and provide you with a deeper insight to overcoming some of the difficulties life can bring. 


A Wealth of Healing

Dear God: Diary & Journal

A lot of times, we like to think wealth comes in the form of money. Material possessions. Likes and follows on social media. With God, there is a really special source of power, knowledge, and support that has always been available when you are ready and willing to invest in yourself to find it. Author Rabia Wood offers prayers, experience, and reflection time as you choose to search and enjoy God's wealth of healing.

Morning Glory Delight

The Christian walk has beautiful moments. Then, there are moments when you feel tired and defeated. However, as a member of the chosen generation, you are not walking alone. There is someone who wants you to experience the trials, endure the tribulation, and celebrate the victory of persistence in Him. Take 30 days to learn more about yourself and your journey with Christ through key bible verses and reflection questions. It will truly be a delight to bask in His glory in your life.


From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Apostle John Jackson has used his voice to praise God and minister to thousands across the world. He has dedicated himself to a life of sharing God's word. Still, JJ is a human striving to be more like Christ each and every day. He hasn't always made the right decisions, but he uses each new day to be a little better than the day before. Take a peek into the Apostle's life as he offers encouragement and shares personal experiences that helped him go from a place of brokenness to a place of victory. Take joy in knowing that the breakthrough that you have been waiting for is surely on its way.

30 Days of Forgiveness

There were days I felt like I would die because I hurt so badly. All I really wanted was to be loved, but what I received was heartache. I did my best to treat other people how I wanted to be treated. What I got in return was rejection. Resentment and unforgiveness started to build a wall around my emotions until I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I blamed God for not avenging me and bringing down wrath on those who hurt me. What He told me was that in order to get them He would have to get me too! Instead, He told me to forgive them so that I would be forgiven. Forgiveness is the first step to your freedom. It’s not for the other person. It’s for you. When you’re ready to be free, walk through 30 Days of Forgiveness with me.

From Pieces to Peace (Updated Edition)


For many years Dr. Spellmon wore the crown of thorns after being raped three times by three different men she trusted. But now she no longer wears the crown of thorns, but the crown of a queen. After reading this book everyone should gain the strength to persevere no matter what is going on in their life.

Layers Unleashed

Layers Unleashed is a motivational guide compiled of real-life experiences paired with guided tools. These tools will help you deal with a number of issues while moving towards a life of fulfillment without holding on to bondage. There are exploratory questions that will help you dig deeper into various topics, such as childhood trauma and grief, health, family, marriage, finances, and friendships. This book can be modified for all ages and small groups.

Seasoned Salt 

~Heirloom Edition~

If you’re ready to live a life for Christ then this is the book for you! We have all been tempted at one point or another to do what makes us feel good. To do whatever we want regardless of the consequences. But, there will come a time when you want to know your purpose in this life and there is not one self-help book on Earth that will tell you that. The answer is already within you but only God can bring it out. Then, the work is up to you. This writer shows you how. Knowing your purpose and walking in it are two very different things. God will not force your hand. Free will gives you the right to make the decision. You can live a life for Christ or you can live it for yourself. You decide. After all…It’s Your Life!

Kingdom Madness

March Madness brings joy to thousands of basketball fans as teams face off for the ultimate glory of the NCAA championship. The same happens when attempting to live your best life with Christ. Join Anthony Tucker in his guide on how to handle the valleys and mountaintops of a life with Jesus Christ. Using basketball and biblical references, Tucker wants you to be prepared to be victorious in life like college teams are in the tournament.


Holy Over Matrimony


 Marriage is a real ministry. It is NOT for the faint of heart. It is NOT a one night stand. It is NOT...well...easy. However, when GOD is the magnet, glue, or common denominator, marriage is definitely possible. Vandra and Michael Noel offer real-life situations and solutions to different marital issues along with prayers to help you and your spouse overcome the challenges after you say I DO. When the trying and testing occurs, Holy Over Matrimony can guide you to victory.

Holy Over Matrimony


Matrimony is not just the dress, the tux, and the gifts. It takes work after the bouquet and garter toss.  Allow the questions and thoughts of Vandra & Michael Noel's book to assist with developing a greater relationship with God and your spouse.  

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Woman On The Move: 

Your Guide to Navigating Through Life's Transitions

Let's be honest, moving with God can be scary. As women, it becomes even more challenging because of the many, many hats we wear. Even though it can be scary at first, when God is walking with us, it makes things easier. These hats that we wear and the transitions we go through can be difficult to navigate. We're mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, wives, working professionals, and so much more. "Woman on the Move" is meant to be a guide to help you on this journey. With personal stories, Biblical connections, and reflection questions, this book will encourage you to become all you are meant to be and more. Don't stay where you are. I'm challenging you to move. Move with purpose, move with authority, and move with God's guidance and love. Let's do this together, girl!

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