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Poetry has a way of moving your spirit just like music. These books will send you on an emotional rollercoaster of emotions as each author creatively takes you on a new adventure. 


God's Unchanging Hands

Feel Alone? Unloved? Unheard?  Quell the voices with God’s soothing words of affirmation in love.  Unchanging Hands is a reminder through poetic thoughts and words of just how much HE truly sees you as a gift.  While everything and everyone might alter many facets of themselves, author Catalina Woodson wants to remind you that HIS adoration never changes or falters.

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A Hidden Heart

Have you ever been in a situation where expressing your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and desires put you in harm's way? Hopefully you haven't. But for the author, that was the case for much of her life. Imagine having to hide who you are in order to keep yourself safe. Not knowing who to talk to or trust, her journals became her confidants. God was the only other who knew the truth. Until now. Travel with her as she allows you into her internal race to freedom between mind and heart. Watch her battles unfold as she vacillates from poet to journalist. Listen as she dares to break her silence and encourages other young women to do the same. Cheer her on as she puts the pieces of her life back together. Keep her company as she gains the strength to begin 

The Slip Under My Church Dress

A little black girl has much to deal with growing up in a family dominated by religion and keeping up appearances in a small town.  J. W. Bella takes you through the ups and downs of those experiences through the eyes of a piece of clothing that is never seen: a dress slip.  From horrible mother moments to facing silence to recognizing her own strength, Bella reveals her loves, hates, and pain in words congregated into stanzas to reveal and expose her truth.

No More Midnight Tears

No More Midnight Tears is a book of poetry written by a young woman determined to make it through life. Pain and struggle are a normal part of the journey to adulthood, but for this young woman, the journey was tougher than most. Each poem will take you on its own leg of the trip. While there is no promise that each trip will be pleasant, there is a lesson in them all. You will have a front-row seat to the writer's innermost thoughts and feelings, as well as the outward workings of her community. When she could not speak, she wrote. She stopped crying and started writing. When she was finished, she had created something that she could share with the world. This book is now the prequel to her next project called A Hidden Heart. She had found her voice and vowed that she would have no more midnight tears.

Through The Eyes Of A Broken Soul

Through the eyes of a broken soul is a book of love, hurt, pain, and perseverance. It’s filled with fascinating poetic stories based on personal life experiences, allowing you to know the author on a deeper more intimate level. The words within these pages are perfectly crafted to act as a telescope giving you a glimpse into a life of heartache, pain, and triumphant after the tragedy. Walk with this author as she takes you through the pain and persevered to heal, grow, and find the sunshine after rain. Since she’s found her voice she now strives to bring that same joy, happiness, and inspiration to her readers. So, come take a look through the eyes of a broken soul. 

Fists of Rage

Coauthors Arketa Williams and Ti'Ara "Ti" Walpool want to shine a light on abuse that is often overlooked and very seldomly discussed. With this controversial project, they are breaking their own silences. Having fallen prey to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, these two young women are ready to stop just existing and start living. They no longer want to think of themselves as just another number. Rightfully considering themselves victors, they want to give their readers the strength, power, and knowledge to join them. Given the staggering statistics, if you are reading this publication, you have likely been a victim of abuse, or you know someone who has. Throughout this book, you may struggle, cry, laugh, fear, and be angry with them. Its purpose is to call attention to the fact that the pain is real, and it happens more than it is reported. But it's time out for "what goes on at home stays at home." By gaining the courage to speak out against violence of all kinds, Ms. Williams and Ms. Walpool are taking back the power over their lives. Now, using voices of truth, they are taking a stand against Fists of Rage..


Suppressed Sins of the Heart

Our hearts often feel what our mouths may never speak. In this poetic creation the author decides to no longer be silent. She stands firm in her truth by exposing her internal battle between faith and reality. The tug of war that occurs when you are attempting to move forward by faith while you're faced with the reality of your problems that are ever so present. All while showcasing the importance of weathering the storm and pressing your way through by any means necessary. 

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Reflections Of A Bruised Heart

This collection of poetry is inspired by various aspects of life. Using inspiration from family, friends and her own personal life in this beautifully crafted compilation author Whitney Hodge allows both her pain and love to leak onto the pages, as she reflects back on her journey of dealing with a bruised heart. A heart that has loved too much, but that has refused to give up on love. Whether you’ve ever experienced being hurt, lost, happy or sad you’ll be able to relate to the lyrics on these pages. Join Whitney on her journey as she heals and regains her freedom while helping others along the way.

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